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Virus and Malware Removal

Is your computer running slow?  Having pop-ups?  Directing you to websites that you didn't click to or automatically sending you to it?  You need a Matrixtec.





Remote Administration

Most computer related issues can be done without a Matrixtec having to be there.  This is where we connect to your computer and resolve whatever inquiry you have remotely.  You need a Matrixtec.

Internet/E-mail Setup and Assistance

Do you need Microsoft Outlook and/or Lotus Notes administered and/or set up?  Do you need it to configured to an e-mail server.  You need a Matrixtec.


Computer repairs and upgrades

Do you have have an old computer, but upgradeable usable parts?  Or maybe you have a fairly newer computer, but would like to boost the performance and/or hardware?  You need a Matrixtec.

Data Recovery and Backup Solutions

Have you lost data and need it recovered?  If you do, the best thing to do is stop what you are doing and call immediately, We may be able to save it.  We also have multiple methods of backing up your important data in the event you need it recovered for future use.​

System Tune-ups

Does your computer need rocket boosters because it runs so slow?  We have diagnostic tools as well as thorough knowledge with performance issues and will get your computer(s) running at peak speed.

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